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Sign up by April 20, 2018 
to La Sirena's first online class:
Graphic Design for DIY Entrepreneurs & Accidental Designers
Create a flyer/postcard for your business and learn Adobe InDesign basics

This is more than your standard how-to-use-a-design-program class.

This is a project-based class to help you:

  • Design a ready-to-print flyer or postcard that you're proud to show off and give to potential customers.
  • Avoid the most common marketing, design, and production mistakes that people make.
  • Get professional advice and feedback on your flyer or postcard as you work through it.
  • Save time by learning the things you really need to know in InDesign to create a fabulous looking flyer. (And skip over all the non-essentials.)

Hi, I'm Jalene!

I'm the owner of La Sirena and I'm so excited to have you join my first online design class for entrepreneurs and micro-sized businesses.


I'll be your guide as we go through all the steps involved in creating a flyer/postcard for your business – from concept to exporting the properly formatted file for your printer.


The best part about this class is that you actually create a flyer or postcard to use in your business. Real-life experience is my favorite way to learn a program.  


And unlike other online video tutorials you'll be supported because I'll be there to answer your questions and provide feedback as you w0rk through the class and your project. How cool is that?! (My 20 years of experience is way better than Googling for answers.) 


See you in class! 

Who needs this class?

• Anyone who needs to create a great-looking flyer or postcard but doesn't have the funds to pay a professional designer to do it for them.


• Anyone who enjoys DIY'ing their marketing materials but would love a little hand holding and guidance.


• Anyone that is an "accidental designer" - which means you somehow became responsible for doing graphics at your workplace but it's not your "offical" job title.


– Makers, Solopreneurs, Marketers, Small Business Owners, Interns, Event Promoters, Community Organizations –

Class details:

This class will be ready for you the first week of April 2018.


It's an online video class to work through at your own pace.


There is an area for you to share your project progress and post questions. This is where I will give you feedback/help/advice.


The entire class is about 1.5 hours long. But it is broken down into bite-sized lessons of 2-12 minutes.


Normally you would pay a monthly subscription fee of $8-$15 to get access to this class. But for a limited-time I'm offering a free class pass! Just scroll back up to the top of this page and enter your info. You'll get more details and your free access code when the class is ready!

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