Introducing La Sirena’s All-Access Pass and how it’ll make marketing your events way easier

Honestly, I didn’t come up with the All-Access Pass Retainer package, one of my favorite clients did.

Back in the early 2000s they needed a beer tasting program designed. I had plenty of print experience and a love for beer – it was a perfect match.

After that first project they continually added more items and events to my to-do list year after year.

Sometimes I would be too busy with other work and I would have to say no to their design projects – which would bum both of us out.

Then one day the marketing director asked if I would be open to a retainer. (I actually didn’t know what a retainer was and had to look it up.)

A retainer ended up being a winning situation for both of us.

With a retainer my event production client gets:
  1. First dibs on my time – I block the hours of their retainer into my schedule, so they always have space and they get priority over one-off jobs.
  2. Pretty-damn-fast turnarounds on ads and other routine projects – Since I am familiar with the event’s branding and have experience working with the files I can work quicker than someone who’s new to the project.
  3. A lower hourly rate
  4. On call for emergency issues – they really try not to, but you know those last minute design projects always come up
  5. Accounting ease – they always know how much they are going to pay each month, no surprises. Plus, fewer invoices to keep track of. If they do go over they are billed at the discounted hourly rate and I submit a time sheet for them to keep track time spent on each project/event.
  6. Less paperwork – they eliminate having to create a contract for each design need that comes up
  7. Access to all of my creative services and network – I’m an experienced, all-in-one designer. I can handle everything from logo design to photo editing to billboard production to web development. And if I don’t know how to do it I have professional friends that do.
  8. A long-term relationship without the BIG commitment – they don’t have quite enough hours to justify paying for a full-time employee but they have a ton of ongoing design needs
  9. Consulting – sometimes they just want to know the best way to do things
  10. Ease and trust – they know that I’m a stickler for deadlines and organization
  11. My heart – I’m not just there to pop in, make a logo, take my money and run. I have a true, vested interest in helping them do their best work.
  12. Consistent event branding – by keeping everything in one place we are able to maintain a consistent image which makes their events more desirable and professional
  13. Things stay more organized – which gives them time to do all the other bazillion things they have to do to produce and market their events
  14. Creative services for their business too – not just the events they produce

Sounds good, right?

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