Introducing La Sirena’s Design Sidekick and how it’ll help you defeat your marketing and design project overwhelm

Your design and marketing projects are all over the place.

They are either DIY’d by you, your in-house marketing team, or scattered between various designers.

You’ve thought about hiring an employee (or two). But you don’t have enough hours to bring someone on full-time. (Plus, sometimes you just need extra help for a few months during busy season.)

But you’re getting sick and tired of spending WAY too long tweaking your social media graphics and Googling WordPress tutorials whenever your site needs updated. It’d be so much better if you were working on what you do best instead.

What you need is a SIDEKICK! And that’s just what this service is all about.

What exactly is the Design Sidekick?
To put it simply, the Sidekick is a design agency retainer. Unlike other retainers I’ve offered in the past, the Design Sidekick focus is project-based not time-based. This means we focus on getting projects done well, not hours. At the beginning of each month and week we check in to confirm our priorities and what projects we’re going to be making moves on.

Because the Sidekick is so high-touch, I only accept 4 Sidekick clients at a time.

Who is the Sidekick ideal for?

  • Small business owners
  • Marketing directors/teams
  • Creative/Art Directors and agencies
  • Basically, it’s for anyone that needs extra help on taming their design and marketing projects on a regular basis or needs extra help during a busy season or special project

The Sidekick is going to help you stop:

  • Bouncing around from print designer to web designer to photo retoucher. You can get everything done in one place. (I don’t like to brag, but I am the Swiss Army Knife of the design world – compact, simple, reliable –  but I can get a lot of sh*t done. And do it well.)
  • Staying up late trying to DIY your marketing materials.
  • Worrying about whether or not your designer is going to flake on you (again!)
  • Pushing those small, but important, design projects to the bottom of the never-ending project pile.
  • Spreading yourself (or your team) too thin with your design and marketing projects.
  • Creating poor quality marketing and design pieces that make your business or products look amateur.
  • Wasting time doing busywork instead of working in your zone of genius or on profit-generating work.


Ready to add a Sidekick to your marketing and design projects?

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