Do you need to invest in logo, branding and website design for your business?

This question (or some form of it) comes up all the time in small biz circles:
  • Do I need to pay a designer to create my logo?
  • Should I hire a professional to do my website?
  • Do I need to have branding in place before I start my business?

I’m going to answer this question with a question. (Kind of annoying, I know. But this really is the simplest way to get your answer.) 

Answer this:
If your logo/visual identity/website look “meh” are you going to be too embarrassed to tell people about your work?

If you answered “yes” – then YES,  you definitely need to get a pro to help you get your look locked down. You can’t be a big ball of sweaty self-doubt every time someone asks you for your business card or website. And not feeling confident in the look of your business is THE WORST. It will stop you from doing everything from going after your ideal clients to charging the rates you deserve.

If you answered “no” – then nope, you do not NEED to worry about this stuff right now to move forward in your business. Later on in your biz journey you might be ready for a makeover, but for now you’ll be fine with something simple that you can DIY (especially if you’re tech savvy).

Couple of side notes on this “no” answer:
– Do not turn getting your website/logo/branding done into a procrastination tool. If you decide to DIY it and then start to notice that you’re using it as an excuse for not getting other things done, then it’s time to bring in a pro to help you.
– Consider your audience. If you cater to the hip, young, fashionable, creative or designer set they might be WAY more judgmental of your amateur look than the average person. It’s probably better to bring in a pro if those are your people.


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